Certified Safety: 100% Flashback Test ·
100% IBEDA

At IBEDA, we place the highest value on the safety of our products

The main focus in manufacture of our flashback arrestors and hose couplings is not merely on the professional assembly of the individual components, but above all on the 100% testing of all units. Every safety device is tested before it leaves our factory.

It is this performance check that turns a fitting into an IBEDA safety device that users around the world can trust - at all times.

All tests that are required are carried out by means of especially designed testing equipment – our guarantee for safe and reliable products!

Each flashback arrestor and quick-action coupling is subjected to a flashback test to determine faultless functioning of the flame arrestor.

Thus, you can be sure that every IBEDA safety device meets the highest standards.

IBEDA products protect lives and investments worldwide.


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