The mobile IBEDA Plastic Flame Spraying system F311 FX-S

plastic flame spraying system

The IBEDA plastic flame spraying system consists of:

  • IBEDA flame spraying gun MiniSprayJet F311 FX-P for propane packed in an plastic case
  • IBEDA mobile powder feeder unit F311 FX for direct working from the original powder container
  • Fuel-gas, oxygen and compressed air hose as well as powder hose

Plastic flame spraying from the experts in Gas Safety Engineering

New in the Flame Spraying area is the high efficient mobile Plastic Flame Spraying System F311 FX, which enables a optimal coating of surfaces with different thermoplastic synthetics.

The new IBEDA flame spraying system F311 FX allows the coating of metallic and non-metallic work pieces with thermoplastic synthetics. Using this process a plastic powder is heated up with a special flame spraying gun and then smoothly dispersed.

During the spraying the powder is in a liquid state and consistently coats the meterial. This in turn builds up a weatherproof coating which possesses a homogeneous surface structure.

Technical Data

IBEDA Powder Feeding Device F311 FX

Mobile electro-pneumatic control unit with vibrating table and suction device to use with plastic powders.

Dimension: width: 450 mm
depth: 650 mm
height: 1160 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Inlet current: 230V / 50 Hz

Plastic Flame Spraying gun MiniSprayJet F311 FX-P

Working media: propane, oxygen, compressed air
Weight: 990 g
Coating capacity: approx. 8 to 10 kg/h
Powder: -200/+80 µ