BAM Certification

The features and characteristics of the IBEDA products verifiably correspond to the respective standard specification:

IBEDA is the only manufacturer of flashback arrestors and quick-action couplings proving highest product quality by a voluntary certification including production plant audit. An overview on the BAM certified companies and products is published on the BAM website.

This BAM Certification covers the examination and the testing of the prototypes, the plant audit at the manufacturer IBEDA, and additionally the regular quality control of the serial products at the BAM testing laboratory.

The last plant audit for the voluntary certification area for gas welding equipment has been conducted by the BAM - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing - in July 2014.

Based on this successful plant audit, IBEDA is entitled to continue using the BAM Certification "BAM Certified and under surveillance" for the above mentioned products. All certified products are submitted to a 100% function test.

IBEDA BAM Certification

From left to right: Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Michael Runkel (Head of Design Department IBEDA), Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Dennis Grasse (BAM), Ulrich Bernhardt (Technical Manager IBEDA) und Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Uwe Schulze (BAM) during the IBEDA plant audit

IBEDA BAM Certification

1. from the left: Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Lehné
2. from the right: Dr. Richard Schmidt

IBEDA BAM Certification

BAM plant audit

The products covered by the following certification numbers have BAM approval. This BAM certification replaces the design-type approval according to the German Acetylene Ordinance TRAC 207 that was required in the past.


BAM ZBA 007 03


BAM ZBF 006 15


BAM ZBF 007 15
  • PIN-Index- Coupling for Oxygen according to guideline M 034 "Oxygen" BGI 617
  • Gas non-return valve RSV-E, RSV for Oxygen according to guideline M 034 "Oxygen" BGI 617