Compact gas mixer to produce up to four gas mixtures


The iMixclassic gas mixer operate according to the diffusion mixing principle. They feature an auto-stop function stopping the production of the gas mixture when the gas supply is interrupted.

Thanks to the pre-set and fixed gas mixtures calibrated to the respective requirements, an accidental change of the mixtures is impossible. This makes these gas mixers perfect for applications where a constant mixing ratio is absolutely necessary.

Due to the diffusion mixing principle no additional buffer vessel is required. A constant gas mixture is guaranteed without additional power supply even in case of gas withdrawal variations.

The iMixclassic is, for example, ideally suited for use in beer dispense systems for the supply with mixed gas, e.g. carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) as beergas.

In addition, the iMixclassic is also ideal for MAP gas mixtures, provided these are always used in a fixed setting and should not be changed. With the iMixclassic, for example, two or four different pre-calibrated mixtures can be used for MAP food packaging or MAP packaging processes by simply changing the connections.



  • Withdrawal of mixed gas from 5 l/min up to 800 l/min (depending on product version and pressure ratio)
  • Up to two (iMixcompact) or four (iMixclassic) gas mixtures calibrated according to customer‘s requirements
  • High mixing accuracy even in case of gas withdra- wal variations
  • Cost savings due to the avoidance of storage of different premixes
  • Diffusion mixing principle, no power supply or additional buffer vessel required
  • Sturdy, compact design
  • Low maintenance


  • No adjustment of the gas mixture necessary at the mixer before operation


  • Does not depend on input pressure differences due to integrated constant pressure regulation
  • Does not depend on gas withdrawal variations
  • Mixture production stops automatically when gas supply is interrupted