Marking of safety devices according to EN ISO 5175-1

marking according to iso 5175 1

According to EN ISO 5175-1 the label of safety devices (flashback arrestors) must contain the following information, except the serial number and external approval number (optional).

1. Serial number 123987
2. Manufacturer/Distributor IBEDA
3. External approval number BAM/ZBA/007/03
4. Model designation DG91N
5. Flow direction
6. Type of gas Acetylene
7. Operating pressure 1,5 bar
8. Number of applicable standard ISO 5175-1
9. Description of safety functions FA NV TV

The serial number is engraved in the arrestor body and guarantees the traceability of the safety device (flashback arrestor). It also ensures easy documentation of the annual inspections according to the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) rule 100-500 chapter 2.26 (former BGR).

Inspection/reinspection of safety devices

The safety devices have to be tested by a qualified and authorised person at regular intervals (German Social Accident Insurance rule 100-500 chapter 2.26, former BGR) according to country specific regulations. They have to be tested for gas tightness, gas flow and gas return at least once a year.

IBEDA Pruefgeraet 1

When using the testing unit PV-GD, the following tests can be performed:

  • A flow rate comparison between older and newer versions of the arrestor types
  • Function of the pressure-sensitive cut-off valve (DS1000, DS2000)
  • Test for gas return

Data sheets


We will be happy to provide you with an offer for the testing unit, including all necessary accessories, comprising a variety of adapters. In addition, you can get inspection stickers that must be attached after an inspection has been passed.
As an alternative, you may want to send the safety devices to IBEDA for inspection. We will be happy to do the inspection for you.