Heating burners for flame straightening

flame straightening


  • Automobile industry
  • Ship yards
  • Metallworking industry
  • Crane manufacturing

With flame straightening burners the work pieces can be shaped through concentrated heating. By keeping the temperature of the flame straightening process below 700° the material properties will not be impaired. Flame straightening also can be used with stainless steel work pieces. The flame straightening burner can be used with fuel gases such as Acetylene, natural gas, Propane and Butane together with Oxygen or compressed air. The required equipment for flame straightening includes standard flashback arrestors, hoses and pressure regulators.

IBEDA manufactures and supplies a wide range of flame straightening burners. Custom flame straightening burners can be designed according to the customer's specific requirements.

IBEDA supplies single-hole heating burners, multi-hole heating burners, flame restriking burners, switchable, available with 5/2 or 5/3 flames, as well as relating handles.