Flashback Arrestors

Manufacturing, quality assurance and function of flashback arrestors

All about IBEDA Flashback Arrestors in just 11 minutes

For everyone who requires comprehensive information about IBEDA flashback arrestors, we have put the complete version of the new IBEDA video online. In addition to the topics of manufacturing, quality and liability issues, the video provides many interesting aspects about IBEDA safety devices.

This 11-minute version provides much additional information, such as the risks in the autogenous engineering, the function of flashback arrestors, the IBEDA product portfolio as well as the marking requirements for gas safety devices.

The given information shows the essential characteristics and distinguishing criteria of the IBEDA flashback arrestors in comparison with competitor products which are available on the national or international markets. Therefore, the video is instructive and very interesting for all distributors and users of IBEDA gas safety devices.