Safety devices (EN ISO 5175-1)

ATEX for single cylinders
and tapping points vacuum controlled

GASSTOP anti-leakage device
(for use with liquid gas only)

safety device atex gasstop


  • Both systems supervise fuel gas hoses
  • Smallest leakages are recognized by the anti-leakage device
  • Use with propane-butane in ship yards and work under ground level is safe

The worldwide unique vacuum safety device the IBEDA ATEX is a combination of a safety device and an anti-leakage device for use in combination with injector burners. Due to the injector effect, the vacuum valve of the ATEX is opened, thus filling the pressureless hose created by the ATEX. Now the burner can be taken into operation. When using ATEX at a tapping point, no tapping point regulator is necessary.

With its double hose system the anti-leakage device GASSTOP prevents leaking fuel gas from the hose system from even the smallest punctures.

The ATEX anti-leakage and safety devices are suitable for many industrial gases (Fuel gases) such as acetylene, hydrogen, ethane, natural gas, propane, propylene, butane, as well as oxygen and compressed air.


ATEX in operation

  • The ATEX is only to be used with the integrated flashback arrestor

For use with injector burners:

  • The injector, working on the Venturi principle, creates a vacuum which causes the valve to open
  • This allows the gas to flow and to be ignited at the burner outlet
atex in betrieb

ATEX closed

  • Leaky hoses or hose connections result in the vacuum being lost
  • The spring-loaded valve is closed and the gas flow is stopped immediately
atex geschlossen


Open the cylinder valve. This allows the gas to flow to the valve seat.

gasstop 1

By pressing the filling knob, gas enters into the outer hose chamber and into the inner hose. The burner can be ignited.

gasstop 2

In the case of defective devices, like a leaky hose or hose connection, the gas pressure escapes from the outer hose chamber and the gas supply is stopped automatically.

gasstop 3

Data sheets

Details - Anti-leakage devices

Sicherheitseinrichtung Atex

Double tapping point with ATEX and DS1000

Double tapping point with ATEX and DS1000

As soon as vacuum disappears the gas flow is interrupted. Even cutting of fuel gas hoses, even with burning metal-parts does not lead to ignition by the hose.

  • The whole welding system is supervised
  • Welding up to 14 mm
  • Flame cutting up to 100 mm
Sicherheitseinrichtung GasStop

Anti-leakage device with room heater

Anti-leakage device with room heater

Main use of the safety device GASSTOP, double hose and connection nipple is the protection of liquid gas users working under floor level or which are in continuous operation. With the double hose system in all applications uncontrollable leakage (micro leakage) and the summing-up of gas air mixtures are avoided.

  • Working pressures from 0,5 to 4 bar adjustable
  • Flow rate up to 15 kg/hr depending on hose length
  • The safety is over whole capacity and pressure active