Quick connectors for high flow rates

Regulator-mounted, torch-mounted or for hose extension

Types: GKT, GKD, GKG
with stainless steel coupling pins G1, G2, G4

Quick connectors for high flow rates


  • large diameters and optimised design for maximum gas flow
  • automatic gas cut-off when disconnecting
  • double o-ring seal
  • connections of pins and threads per EN 560
  • stainless steel coupling pins offer long life
  • coded coupling pins to assist in avoiding the mix-up of the products for the different gas types
  • Coupling pin with gas cut-off against loss of gas

Quick connectors for high flow rates, regulator-mounted, torch-mounted, and for hose extension. Gas hose couplings GKT, GKD, GKG with coupling pins G1, G2, G4

IBEDA hose couplings according to EN561/ISO7289 make setting up and taking down equipment faster and easier. IBEDA hose couplings automatically cut off gas flow when disconnected. IBEDA quick connectors come in three different gas connections for fuel gas, oxygen and inert gas, for added safety the quick connectors come with gas specific connections and do not allow users to mix gas types

These gas hose couplings for high flow are offered in two sizes: DN 8 and DN 12 with thread sizes up to G1/2" according to EN 560. The coupling pins are available with or without gas cut-off valve. IBEDA quick-action couplings are subjected to a 100% function test.

Data sheets

Details - Quick connectors

Gas Schnellkupplungen GKD

IBEDA tapping point with GKD + G4 pin

IBEDA tapping point with GKD + G4 pin

Tapping point with coupling connection for large consumers which are used in changing mode.

  • Quick connecting and disconnecting of hose when changing work place
  • Leakage-free connection without tools
Gas Schnellkupplungen GKG

IBEDA gas distributor with GKG + G1 pin

IBEDA gas distributor with GKG + G1 pin

Connection of an IBEDA gas distributor. Changing work place is simple and fast.

  • Strong design
  • Long product life
  • For rough applications