Gas non-return valves (flashback resistant) for town gas, grid gas, natural and liquid gas, Methane (cleaned Biogas)

Gas non-return Valves (flashback resistant) 
Safety Devices in accordance with EN ISO 5175-2


Type: GRS 25, GRS 32, GRS 50

GRS. Check valve flashback resistant, Gas non-return valve flashback resistant


  • Gas non-return valve for very low cracking pressures of 4 – 6 mbar
  • High flow rates, minimal pressure loss
  • Flashback resistant if compressed air is used as an oxidant
  • Position-independent installation
  • Prevents dangerous gas mixtures on the inlet side
  • Stainless steel dust filter with large filter surface ensures a long service life
  • Registered under the DVGW certification mark DG-4390CQ0061

Application areas of the products are thermal process plants in the area of public gas supply as well as heating processes for welding, cutting, and related processes that are operated with mixtures of fuel gas and air. In this area the safety devices are used to safeguard plants, pipeline systems and tapping points and prevent gas return and flashback. The gas non-return valves (check valves) are available in three sizes, DN 25, DN 32 and DN 50 with thread from 1/2" to 2" as well as special thread, in brass or stainless steel.

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Heating furnaces

Heating furnaces

Application of safety devices for natural gas burners thermal process plants which work with natural gas and air. It is used in ceramic, glass, metal and plastic industry.