Safety devices for hydrogen-oxygen-mixture / HHO

Safety devices for the protection of hydrogen-oxygen mixtures at the gas generator

Type: FA HHO and FA HHO-u

Sicherheitseinrichtung DGN


  • based on DIN EN ISO 5175-1
  • flame arrestor stops flashbacks
  • temperature-sensitive cut-off valve
  • seal material NBR/CR/FKM
  • 100% tested

The FA HHO safety device is specially designed for the use of hydrogen-oxygen mixtures. It is perfectly suitable for safeguarding hydrogen-oxygen gas generators, or micro soldering and micro welding equipment according to DIN32508 which generate hydrogen/oxygen mixtures by themselves.

Due to the integrated flame arrester as well as the thermal cut-off valve, the model FA HHO offers a maximum of safety.


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