Function of IBEDA Flashback Arrestors

A new animated video demonstrates the safety functions of IBEDA flashback arrestors - How it works

The new animated video provides an impressive demonstration of the design and the function of IBEDA flashback arrestors. The inside view gives a detailed explanation of how the IBEDA technology prevents the entry of air or oxygen into the distribution line or the cylinder, as well as how a flashback is prevented and a further gas flow is interrupted in case of a burnback.

IBEDA Flashback Arrestors function movie
IBEDA Flashback Arrestors function movie

Animated video "Function of IBEDA Flashback Arrestors"


  • Further gas flow in the case of pressure shocks
  • The entry of air or oxygen into the distribution line or single cylinders
  • Flashback which is the rapid propagation of flame down the hose
  • Further gas flow in the case of burnback
Flashback Arrestor Cut Away DS1000

1Pressure-sensitive gas cut-off valve (PV)

  • The pressure-sensitive cut-off valve stops the gas flow in the event of pressure shocks.
  • The safety device can be manually reset to continue working.
pressure sensitive cut off valve

2Gas non-return valve (NV)

  • The gas non-return valve prevents dangerous gas mixtures.
  • The gas non-return valve ensures the gas only flowing in the intended flow direction.
Gas non-return valve (NV)

3Flame arrestor (FA)

  • The flame arrestor cools the flame down to below the ignition temperature.
  • The flame arrestors prevents flashback
Flame arrestor (FA)

4Thermal cut-off valve (TV)

  • The thermal cut-off valve prevents excessive temperatures
  • The thermal cut-off valve closes automatically at a certain temperature and cuts off the gas flow.
Thermal cut-off valve (TV)